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Gutter Pump Proves Deceptively Simple,
Affordable Answer to Clogged Downspouts

Since August, 1997, The Storm Master Corporation has been offering relief to homeowners plagued with clogged downspouts with their flagship product, the Gutter Pump®. This small, green elbow-like product is a revolutionary innovation in exterior home maintenance, a deceptively simple rain gutter insert designed to keep gutter downspouts clog-free, which it does by accomplishing two unique tasks.

The Gutter Pump prevents leaves and clogging debris from entering the downspout, ensuring clear water passage. In the event of heavy downpours, the Gutter Pump creates a self-priming siphon, literally pulling up to 50 gallons of water per minute from the gutter system. It installs quickly and easily, simply dropping into the downspout.

Because it can drastically prolong time between cleanings, the Gutter Pump saves time and effort for busy homeowners. It is durable, made from weather-grade PVC for years of reliable service, and economical: Just one Gutter Pump per downspout provides total gutter system protection. Its broadly effective functionality, not just protecting drainage systems, but also acting as a scoop to help with gutter maintenance, makes the Gutter Pump a very good value. Storm Master Corp. proudly manufactures the Gutter Pump from quality materials in the United States.

Inventor and Storm Master President Chris Carter and four partners launched the company and applied for the Gutter Pump patent in June of 1996, and introduced the product to the market the following year at Chicago’s National Hardware Show. There, they picked up orders from Brookstone and Improvements catalogs, along with some individually-owned retail stores.

The following month, the Gutter Pump was featured on the Family Channel’s Home and Family show as part of their "New Inventions" segment. Carter and his corporate team appeared with their product on several QVC television shows in the fall and winter of that year, and through the spring of 1998. In February of that year, they appeared on QVC’s "50 in 50 Tour" finale show, during which QVC announced and sold the top ten products from the top 50 discovered in the United States. The Gutter Pump finished in sixth place. The product has since appeared several more times on QVC and the Home Shopping Network.

The Gutter Pump has received coverage in Sunset Magazine, The Journal of Light Construction, Mountain Living, Better Homes and Gardens’ Home Products Guide, and in Popular Mechanics. In 1998, the Gutter Pump was named "Colorado’s Most Innovative Product" in the Outdoor Home and Garden category by the Denver Business Journal. The product also received the "1999 Retailers’ Choice Award" from Do It Yourself Retailing magazine at the National Hardware Show, one of only 63 products at the show selected to receive this award.

In 2000, the Gutter Pump received its U.S. Patent, and Storm Master signed a licensing deal in the United Kingdom. The Gutter Pump is available at Lowe’s, from Ace Hardware and TruServ dealers, and at The Home Depot.

The Gutter Pump also has an interesting product development history with a compelling human interest story of strong family devotion and hope in the face of looming despair. To find out more about this part of the Gutter Pump story, visit the Storm Master website and download the Product History from the Press Kit area of the Newsroom.

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